My story

Over the course of my 18 years as a professional counselor, I’ve trained in several healing arts including body-mind psychotherapy, neuropsychology, somatic psychology, mindfulness meditation, and expressive art therapy.

Rachel Fleischman, Bliss Counseling, San Francisco

As a young person, I often found myself being called upon to help others who were having difficulty coping with life situations. I felt compassion for them and surprised myself by having innate tools to really get them.

I gobbled up every book I could find on psychology, the brain, and healing. I’m honored that people come to me for support. As I look back, I see that my own early history of difficulties sensitized me to the emotional needs of others.

When clients come to me with relationship struggles, depression, anxiety or trauma, we work together to ensure they develop the tools to feel more confident, balanced and engaged in life.

I enjoy explaining the mysteries of the human condition in simple words. I am passionate about helping people feel understood, confront their joys and pains, and be motivated to change. All this gives me energy when I wake up in the morning.

i specialize in:

  • Relationship issues for individuals and couples

  • Premarital and marital counseling

  • Men’s issues

  • Performance coaching

  • Life transition issues (e.g., work-life balance, caring for elderly parents)

  • Self esteem and empowerment

  • Sex and intimacy

  • Anxiety, panic attacks, and depression